Just had some very yummy pizza. Can't wait to try everything else!
I have ordered delivery three tines from here, so far so good. Delivery is less that 35 minutes. The crust is very good ingredients are fresh. This place stands with the best and the price is fair. Its comparable Dannys. Tris the breaded steak fries and wings All excellent. Breaded steak is great forget ricobenes ! It soft and tender ! Fries are great fresh . . .
Picked up an 18" sausage pizza. GREAT TASTE and good price. Plus only a 20 minute wait. Will definitely order again.
Great pizza, great customer service, great place! I can't wait to order again!
Great place with two young entrepreneurs, working hard to fulfill a dream... creating a pizzeria with a blend of Italy and Chicago collaborating together...They are bringing the Italian style crust to Chicago with the blend of Chicago toppings and Italian toppings...The customer service has been excellent, trying to please strong rooted chicagoans Who are ve . . .
Best Italian restaurant "Hands Down" in Garfield Ridge. Excellent. We had the Calzone, the sauce was delicious, and sausage was excellent! Beef was tender seasoned perfectly green peppers were delicious and chicken parm sandwich was delicious breading was not greasy! Finally a good restaurant with old school neighborhood food! Thank you for opening!
Pizza is delicious, with considerably more generous amounts of sauce, cheese and other toppings than you'll find just about anywhere else. Plus, my wife tried the Chicken Parmigiana and loves it! Stunod's is our new go-to place for Italian-American comfort food--lunch as well as dinner. Well done, Austin and Frank! :-)
They're the new heavy weight contender in the Chicago Pizza Industry.
Delicious meatball sandwich and sausage pizza!
First Timer and had Pizza, Wings and Steak Sandwich. All of it was delicious.

Note from the Owners

Hey patrons, here at Stunods we are known for goofing around, but some things we take very seriously. Cleanliness and food safety is our first priority. It always has been and always will be.

Nightly detailed cleaning and weekly deep sanitation are just part of our routine. We take great pride in our open kitchen. On occasion you might catch us well past a reasonable hour scrubbing the walls. We did not need recent events to remind us how important your health and safety is to us, it has ALWAYS been our number one priority.

We have been lucky to have a very close staff. We are a team and this is our career. The staff knows we prioritize the health of our customers as well as their own well being. So as a staff we take every possible precaution necessary.

Our food is always cooked at levels above and beyond food safety recommendations. All meat is cooked to 175 degrees, Pizzas are cooked in a 500+ degree oven for over 10 min, Pasta is boiled to order, side orders are fried in 375 degree cooking oil.

Thankfully for us, our small restaurant makes it easy to control every facet of this process. My brother and I are here every hour so that we can personally assure that we practice what we preach. Mostly because we are part of the staff that is putting in the physical labor to accomplish these goals. We will do everything in our power to keep this standard.


Austin and Frank

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