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Austin and Frank


"The crust is less cracker-like and far puffier, with an impressive hole structure. That means each bite has real crunch and chew. It’s topped with high-quality mozzarella and a tart tomato sauce. But the real star is the Italian sausage, which is exceptionally juicy and packed with spices like fennel."
“We think that we have found the best pizza in the Midwest”
Top ranked breaded steak sandwich in Chicago on Yelp.com
Featured in "The Ultimate Chicago Pizza Guide" book

"The hand-rolling keeps some air intact, resulting in a slightly raised middle and some tiny pockets of air in the crumb"


Pizza was delicious. Sauce had a really good taste and the sausage was tender and flavorful, while the crust was light yet firm and held the toppings well with a crisp edge. Also had the steak sandwich which was the best this side of Ricobenes. This is a gem for Chicago food on the SW side! Oh, and the owners are great too and really make you feel welcome.
My wife and I went to Stunod's for the first time. First sticker shock hit us but we will be back. We both enjoyed our pizzas immensely. No flavor jumped out as dominating the others. Now to figure away to transport pizzas 7 miles and not getting the crust soggy. This is a small store front Pizzaria will no parking lot and relying on available street spots. . . .
Stunod's has the best burgers ever! And the Meatball sub is amazing and so is the pizza there. The chicken parm is so good it could not compare to anything. The burgers are so fresh they taste better than any other burger I have ever had. Last of all the employees are the most kind and caring people at any restaurant.
We had the meatball sandwhich's today. Absolutely fantastic. They are a old school recipe it brought me back to my grandmothers in the 90's living in Bridgeport.
The crust was good. The italian beef was good, also. They have a friendly staff. You're definitely a Stunod if you dont try it. I can't wait to try some other stuff on menu.
I have ordered delivery three tines from here, so far so good. Delivery is less that 35 minutes. The crust is very good ingredients are fresh. This place stands with the best and the price is fair. Its comparable Dannys. Tris the breaded steak fries and wings All excellent. Breaded steak is great forget ricobenes ! It soft and tender ! Fries are great fresh . . .
We tried the sausage and pepperoni pizza and garlic fries and they were good!
Picked up an 18" sausage pizza. GREAT TASTE and good price. Plus only a 20 minute wait. Will definitely order again.
Pizza is delicious, with considerably more generous amounts of sauce, cheese and other toppings than you'll find just about anywhere else. Plus, my wife tried the Chicken Parmigiana and loves it! Stunod's is our new go-to place for Italian-American comfort food--lunch as well as dinner. Well done, Austin and Frank! :-)
Just had some very yummy pizza. Can't wait to try everything else!

4.5+ Star customer review average across Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

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