Delicious pizza at an amazing price. Staff is always friendly and kind as well. Great addition to the neighborhood.
Great addition to the neighborhood, it's our go to spot, amazing food and over the top friendliness.
I ordered the sausage and pepperoni pizza and garlic fries. They were both great! I can't wait to try the Italian ice.
Awesome Food! The crust on that pizza is great! The chicken parm is nice and messy with that great marinara, and tender as heck! Welcome to the neighborhood!
Ordered their pizza, Chicken Parmesan, & Steak Sandwich for our dinner. The food was absolutely delicious and so fresh. My family loved it! We can't wait to go back. Great service and quick delivery.
Very good pizza! I can't wait to try the breaded steak and Italian beef.
First Timer and had Pizza, Wings and Steak Sandwich. All of it was delicious.
I have ordered delivery three tines from here, so far so good. Delivery is less that 35 minutes. The crust is very good ingredients are fresh. This place stands with the best and the price is fair. Its comparable Dannys. Tris the breaded steak fries and wings All excellent. Breaded steak is great forget ricobenes ! It soft and tender ! Fries are great fresh . . .
Just had your sausage pizza for the first time and it was excellent! Not to mention everyone that works there is so nice. Can't wait to come back.
They're the new heavy weight contender in the Chicago Pizza Industry.

Hey Patrons,

Just wanted to give an update on our situation in these trying times.

Here at Stunods, we have not lost course on what is most important, your SAFETY. By no means have we become comfortable in this situation. We are treating this as seriously as we have on day one. We have learned better techniques, we have worn face protection without question in our hot kitchen, deep cleaned thoroughly after long days, and did so with a positive attitude.

We will not waver, that is not an option. You have put your trust in us to keep the food you eat safe. You have put faith in us over this past year to serve your families, and we will by no means break that trust. Even when things were most difficult, you still found a place for us. There are few words to explain how grateful we are for that. Our way of keeping that trust is by taking whichever steps necessary in order to serve the highest quality food in an extremely sanitary facility.

Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, concerns, or just anything really, feel free to reach out. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Austin and Frank

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