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Austin and Frank


"The crust is less cracker-like and far puffier, with an impressive hole structure. That means each bite has real crunch and chew. It’s topped with high-quality mozzarella and a tart tomato sauce. But the real star is the Italian sausage, which is exceptionally juicy and packed with spices like fennel."
“We think that we have found the best pizza in the Midwest”
Top ranked breaded steak sandwich in Chicago on Yelp.com
Featured in "The Ultimate Chicago Pizza Guide" book

"The hand-rolling keeps some air intact, resulting in a slightly raised middle and some tiny pockets of air in the crumb"


First Timer and had Pizza, Wings and Steak Sandwich. All of it was delicious.
Great addition to the neighborhood, it's our go to spot, amazing food and over the top friendliness.
The crust was good. The italian beef was good, also. They have a friendly staff. You're definitely a Stunod if you dont try it. I can't wait to try some other stuff on menu.
Two brothers making a living and taking care of their customers serving good food. I enjoyed the pizza and italian ice.
This place was newly remodeled, I'm assuming by new owners. It looks cool, clean and has a modern feel. The employees or maybe owners behind the counter were very attentive and helpful. Food came out at a perfect time and everything was delicious. It's nice to have places like this in the neighborhood!
Tried Stunod's pizza last night and it was fantastic. The staff was great and their customer service was on point. Give these guys a shot, you won't be disappointed! Congratulations on your new business and good luck!
Awesome food! We'll be back for sure.
Great pizza, great customer service, great place! I can't wait to order again!
Very good pizza! I can't wait to try the breaded steak and Italian beef.
Chicago weather speciality pizza, bbq wings, hot wings, and garlic fries were all very good and tasty. The owners were very friendly as well and gave our group of 5 a great experience.

4.5+ Star customer review average across Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

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