Tried their pizza tonight and it was delicious!
Pizza is delicious, with considerably more generous amounts of sauce, cheese and other toppings than you'll find just about anywhere else. Plus, my wife tried the Chicken Parmigiana and loves it! Stunod's is our new go-to place for Italian-American comfort food--lunch as well as dinner. Well done, Austin and Frank! :-)
Very good pizza! I can't wait to try the breaded steak and Italian beef.
Everything is homemade old skool and Frank and Austin are awesome good food!
Had the italian sausage with red sauce, the sandwich was great and very flavorful. Also had a slice of pizza good stuff flakey crust.
Excellent breaded steak! Excellent pizza! Excellent price!
Great pizza, great customer service, great place! I can't wait to order again!
I ordered the sausage and pepperoni pizza and garlic fries. They were both great! I can't wait to try the Italian ice.
This place is absolutely phenomenal. Austin and Frank, you guys really changed the game with this one.
Pizza was delicious. Sauce had a really good taste and the sausage was tender and flavorful, while the crust was light yet firm and held the toppings well with a crisp edge. Also had the steak sandwich which was the best this side of Ricobenes. This is a gem for Chicago food on the SW side! Oh, and the owners are great too and really make you feel welcome.

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